Tactical Fuel Cell camoSince 2007 ETI has been working to develop fuel cell technology for use in tactical situations.
Now, we have partnered with AnywherEnergy® (a TMI company) to bring their fuel cell advances into rugged environments.

These fuel cells offer many features, all in a hundred pound package. (18”W x 29”H x 31”D) These modules operate directly on JP-8, Jet-A, gas & other liquid fuels, including biofuels, with no desulferization required.  Their output is a clean clean exhaust for even indoor operation (no NOx, CO or particulates) with a low external thermal signature.

There are many benefits to this technology over traditional gen-sets or other fuel cell technologies.
Operating fuel cells increases fuel efficiency on-site meaning forward bases can operate with a reduced overall logistic footprint. (i.e., Less fuel, less parts inventory, no oil/fluids changes, only air filter cleaning and less manpower training)

These fuel cells are designed to be modular to improve reliability through redundancy. Modules can be added or removed without power shutdown and can be configured to match power to load to maximize fuel efficiency/

ETI is working to incorporate these fuel cells into a complete system configuration:

These are all being integrated into one skid mounted configuration for maximum ease of use and portability.

Booth with Tactical Fuel CellETI showed off the development of these Tactical Fuel Cells at the recent AFCEA WEST Exhibition in San Diego.