Today we will continue our discussion of the tactical Micro-Grid.  Last week we discussed solar in a tactical Micro-grid, this week we will discuss the use of an intelligent micro-grid controller in this arrangement.   The micro-grid controller plays a critical role in the micro-grid and allows for multiple sources to be utilized. Essentially without the grid controller there is no micro-gird.

Because most micro-grids have multiple power sources at any given time it is critical to monitor those sources and to utilize the source that provides the most capability at that time.  For instance, if renewables such as wind and solar are utilized within the grid the controller must monitor each of these as well as the batteries to be able to select which source is providing the most energy.  If neither of these sources is producing enough energy to maintain operation the controller then must select another source such as a generator and then start that generator in order to meet the energy requirements of the grid.

In order to be able to provide energy the Grid controller must also monitor loads within the grid to know power requirements and be able to make decisions should the gird not be able to supply the demand required.  If the demand on the gird is greater than the supply, the gird controller must be able to prioritize loads and shut down non critical loads.