Energy Technologies Exhibits Latest Designs at Tactical Vehicle Summit

The Annual Tactical Vehicle Summit to be held in .

New Tactical Field Office® and Tactical Computer Workstation® lines to be introduced. Expanded Tactical Power® Generator, Inverter, UPS, Solar and Fuel Cell Product Lines to be featured.

Energy Technologies, Inc. (ETI), the Standard in rugged power conditioning, will be exhibiting its expanded Tactical Power rugged Fuel Cell,  Inverter, Generator, Solar and UPS product lines. They will also be introducing the new modular Tactical Field Office and Tactical Computer Workstation series. Featured products will include:

The Tactical Power lines of AC and DC products are readily deployable providing Warfighters and First Responders with reliable computer or medical grade power for all field applications. These rugged units are designed to be deployable worldwide and can operate from any AC power in a given country or from the 12 VDC or 24 VDC in HMMWV, other military vehicles  and aircraft.  

The Tactical Solar family consist of rugged, flexible solar panels, charge controllers and complete portable solar power solutions including solar UPS in water-tight cases for global applications in hostile environments. These systems range from small, light-weight solar totes for individual use in powering and/or charging notebooks and radios to larger deployable systems with AC and DC battery backup for 24-7 operations of complete networks or communications systems.

The Tactical Inverter Series are totally self-contained in rugged enclosures with NATO connections for quick no-tool setup. These inverters range in power output from 150 watts to 10,000 watts and are  available in transit case or universal mount with cabling to quickly connect to NATO Slave connectors found in most military vehicles including HMMWV, Stryker, Abrams and other tactical vehicles. They produce clean sinewave AC at 120 VAC, 60 hertz allowing the use of both military grade and commercial electronics.

The Tactical UPS units range in output from 250 VA to 24,000 VA, which is more than adequate to support the critical electronic computer and communications equipment in most applications. They are designed to accept commercial power or mobile generator power ranging from 85 to 270 VAC. The input frequency can range from 45 to 440 hertz allowing even the use of aircraft power. These voltages and frequencies cover all standard AC voltages worldwide. The UPS converts these inputs to standard 120 VAC, 60 hertz used by most electronic equipment manufactured in the USA. This allows the use of standard military equipment including commercial off the shelf (COTS) to be operated reliably anywhere in the world. Other output voltag