Energy Technologies, Inc. installs new Laser Welding Machine for Fuel Cell Development.

Mansfield, March 10th, 2010:

Energy Technologies, Inc. (ETI) received a delivery from Genesis Automation containing a Laser Welding Machine which will be used to develop a High-Volume Manufacturing Process for Metal Hydride Fuel Cell (MHFC) Stacks and Systems as part of the company's expanding Tactical Fuel Cells division.
ETI was awarded a state grant of One Million Dollars to continue development of fuel cell technologies. The grant is awarded through the Ohio Third Frontier Fuel Cell Program for the advancement of fuel cell research and production in Ohio. These grants are expected to create many high tech jobs statewide.

Delivery of Laser 
Welder          nbsp;         nbsp;         Fully Installed Machine

Delivery of Laser Welder                                                                                       Fully Installed Machine

Tactical Fuel Cells® Product Line Advances.

Expanding on other Ohio Third Frontier Fuel Cell Program awards, ETI is developing and implementing a high volume production capability for metal hydride fuel cell stacks, stack components, welding process and balance-of-plant (BOP) integration at Energy Technologies' facilities.

Until now, ETI's partner, Michigan-based Energy Conversion Devices had been building by hand the electrode plates utilized in the metal hydride fuel cell stacks. This process has now been automated and relocated to ETI. The electrode manufacturing line will use new low cost methods developed by ETI and ECD.

"This machine will allow us to take next generation fuel cells and develop them into a manufacturable product.", said vice president Dr. Tim Lowe.

Tactical Fuel Cell Advantages
By using portable fuel cell power plants, fuel logistics are being reduced or eliminated for electrical power production. In addition, their operation is nearly stealth with little or no heat signature or audible noise. The excess energy produced is stored into light-weight, high-performance Li-Ion battery modules for use later. The electrical and electronic loads can be AC or DC. The entire electrical production, storage and utilization can be managed via a smart micro grid controller tno insure energy is not wasted and high-priority loads are always served.

Company Partnership
Energy Technologies, Inc. (ETI) has been manufacturing power equipment for the defense industry with their products being the standard for hundreds of military programs. Ovonic Fuel Cells has been developing the metal hydride technology.

Energy Technologies, Inc. (ETI), established in 1991, is a privately held electronics and technology manufacturing company. ETI currently operates from its 32,200 square feet of manufacturing and engineering facilities in Mansfield, Ohio. ETI has become a world leader in providing extremely reliable power backup and generation equipment to the Defense, Homeland Security, Industrial, Medical, and Telecomm market sectors.
ETI provides highly reliable, yet cost effective product solutions for the rugged computer and power conditioning requirements of its customers. ETI's product line includes Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Inverters, Frequency Converters, Generators, computers and Solar Products.

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