Webster’s defines a UPS as:

A device used to regulate the power supply to the computer and its peripherals by limiting the effects of cuts, surges or dips in the electric circuit voltage.

UPS come in many forms but all share the same job. To maintain power to critical equipment during an electrical event that would otherwise cause the equipment to shutdown. We will discuss in this blog some of the critical applications where UPS’ are used.

Military Applications:
• Friend or Foe Systems
• Missile Computer Systems
• Telemetery Systems
• Communication Systems

• Medical Carts
• Life Support Systems
• Supporting Critical Organ Transport Systems


• Alarm Systems
• Beacon Lights
• Door Systems
• Gate Systems


• Computer Back Up
• Server Back Up
• Communication Systems

In many of these applications the UPS may go unnoticed until there is a loss of Power, but when there is a power loss it could mean injuries, fatalities or serious loss of data and revenue to a business.