In the past few weeks we have discussed the tactical Micro-Grid and its applications.
All of these components and concepts are integrated to create complete systems solutions for field deployable shelters.

Normally Forward Operating Bases use diesel generators to provide their power, which require frequent refueling provided by convoys that can add substantially to the cost and risk factor of operations.

The Micro Grid Controller, discussed last week, automatically selects between available power sources based on availability and load demand, making such fuel runs less vital to operations. For example, on a sunny day there may be more solar power collected than needed.  The controller would then decide to route the additional wattage into an energy storage system such as ETI’s lithium-Ion Battery Modules for later use.  On a cloudy night, when there is no solar, that stored power could then be used.

These power sources can include shelter mounted solar panels, generators or even wind in some cases.  The location and availability of a fuel supply may dictate which power generation configuration best suits your needs.