A micro-grid controller

Forward Operating Bases (FOB) are traditionally supplied Energy by Diesel/Gas Generator Sets.  The use of these generators required fuel to be delivered to the site in intervals that allowed for constant use.  Resupply is usually done by a fuel convoy or, depending on the location, air drop may be required.  These resupplies require equipment and manpower which add to the cost of the fuel.  When a resupply is accomplished in a hostile area, the possibility of loss of life and/or loss of a convoy is significantly increased and the fully burden cost of the fuel rises significantly.  The fully burden costs of fuel during the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq varied from $14/gallon and upwards of $400/gallon.

One solution to help lower this cost, loss of material and reduce the loss of life is the Tactical Micro-Grid.  This approach allows for multiple power sources; such as solar, wind, energy storage (battery), vehicle supplied power, and generator power, to be monitored by the Micro-Grid controller.  This equipment allows the primary power be switched as needed to reduce reliance on and to reduce the run-time of the generator.  When incorporated with light weight Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries with a Tactical Micro-Grid additional renewable energy can be stored and utilized at other peak use times or during night time operations.  This solution allows for FOBs to have a lower noise signature and reduce their reliance on fuel convoys while providing energy security during the deployment.

Tactical Micro Grid