Earth Day TexasEnergy Technologies Exhibits Latest Green Designs at Earth Day Texas

Energy Technologies will be exhibiting our latest green energy innovations at the upcoming Earth Day Texas event on April 22–24. This three-day free event is held at Fair Park in Dallas and admission is free.

Earth Day Texas is trying to set a positive agenda about a sustainable future and will include many vendors of green technology hoping to reshape our world. It will bring together businesses, government agencies, academic institutions, environmental organizations,  speakers, interactive programming, and subject matter experts. Attendees will also get to enjoy outdoor experiences including; live music, sustainable beer & food pavilions, electric bike test tracks, and other family activities.

Energy Technologies, Inc. (ETI), the Standard in rugged power conditioning, will be exhibiting its expanded Green Power product lines. Featured products will include:

  • Eco H2® modular, deployable hydrogen reformation technologies to convert waste into usable hydrogen
  • Tactical Fuel Cells® rugged hydrogen powered plant with rapid start and temperature tolerance.
  • Tactical Solar® flexible solar panels, charge controllers, power converters and battery backup.
  • Tactical Shelter Systems® includes all of the above products in a modular, scalable system with fast erect soft walled shelters from Utilis.

The Tactical Solar family consist of rugged, flexible solar panels, charge controllers and complete portable solar power solutions including solar UPS in water-tight cases for global applications in hostile environments. These systems range from small, light-weight solar totes for individual use in powering and/or charging notebooks and radios to larger deployable systems with AC and DC battery backup for 24-7 operations of complete networks or communications systems.

ETI’s Tactical Fuel Cells are being incorporated into the TPP in place of the engine-generator. These fuels cells offer a unique metal-hydride approach over traditional PEM technologies. Compared to PEM, they are more rugged, operate over a wider temperature range, do not have expensive platinum that is subject to poisoning, store energy like a battery and have instant start capability; all advantages needed in a tactical environment.

With Tactical Shelter Systems, ETI has teamed with Utilis USA to offer complete systems solutions for deployable shelters. Utilis manufactures a series of rapidly deployable tactical soft-wall shelters. By combining ETI’s portable power sources, either company can offer a total solution to deployable shelter requirements.

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