There has been a lot of interest in our new 1U Ultimate Power Source UPS product line. These UPS products are unique because they provide more power in less rack space than other
similar systems.   Each 1U module provides 2000 Watts of power.
Ultimate Power Source 1U UPS
We demonstrated a parallel configuration with a 4000 Watt system in this picture at several recent industry events.
Product Comparison Here.

This parallel 4000 watt system provides over 30 minutes of backup at full load of 4000 watts.
batteries are state-of-the-art lithium iron phosphate technology.

One of the challenges of developing computers in existing rack systems is allowing space for all the cables and cable retractors which can cause airflow concerns.  ETI’s new system solves these issues and reduces costs because the cables are no longer taking up as much space therefore freeing up the air flow.  These units can be drawn out of the front slides from their racks leaving their back plane attached to the cables.  This quick removal feature means military cables which be hard to reach and difficult to unthread can stay in place even during maintenance.

Additionally, space can be saved by including a built in intelligent PDU (power distribution unit) so there is no need for an additional PDU module taking up rack space.  This PDU can be controlled remotely via wide area network.