Energy Technologies Awarded Third Ohio Third Frontier Fuel Cell Grant for Advanced Research, Development & Commercialization

Mansfield, OH, December 17, 2009: Ohio's Lt Governor Lee Fisher announced today that Energy Technologies, Inc. (ETI) would be awarded a third state grant of One Million Dollars to continue development of fuel cell technologies, manufacturing methods and testing. The grant is awarded through the Ohio Third Frontier Fuel Cell Program and is part of more than $6.38 million in grants which have been awarded to six entities for the advancement of fuel cell research and production in Ohio. These grants are expected to create many high tech jobs statewide.

Tactical Fuel CellsĀ® Product Line to be further developed.

2 kW TDI Test StandTo aid in this effort, Energy Technologies is expanding its Tactical Fuel Cells division, which is working to develop a High-Volume Manufacturing Process for Metal Hydride Fuel Cell (MHFC) Stacks and Systems.

The key objective of this TFFCP project is to verify the reproducibility of the high volume production capabilities development under TECH 09-059 that addressed a battery-style fuel cell electrode manufacturing, fuel cell stack assembly and joining, fixtures and processes to support the commercialization of Tactical Military backup power applications utilizing fuel cell products. The verification of the fuel cell stack and balance of plant is needed to insure the forecasted new job growth estimates of over 150 positions in Mansfield, OH. Developing verification of repeatability is mandatory to meet the demanding performance specifications of the Military. The main focus of this effort is to verify the durability and reproducibility of manufactured MHFC stacks by developing processes and technologies that can reduce the cost of fuel cells or systems and/or address technical barriers.

This project directly supports the TFFCP goal for three primary reasons: 1) The high volume production processes will support the underlying fuel cell technology based on lower cost materials. 2) The processes can be scaled up, providing opportunities for implementation in other non-military commercial applications. 3) The process will allow the support of the final deliverable, a tactical military generator produced at volume requirements based on actual marketing input and feedback from ETI's current defense industry and military customers.

DSC00711-CroppedIn the announcement, Governor Ted Strickland said, "Ohio Third Frontier is building a dynamic fuel cell network capable of meeting the demands of the new energy economy. Ohio's leadership position in the fuel cell sector is because of strong collaboration with our industry partners and a commitment to creating jobs and companies that help strengthen Ohio's position as a global energy leader."

Eric Fingerhut, Chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents and Chair of the Ohio Third Frontier Commission added, "These partnerships in the emerging fuel cell industry add to the Ohio Third Frontier's proven track record of catalyzing research into innovation, and innovation into jobs. The alignment of higher education with Ohio's businesses will give companies an edge in the global marketplace."

Lisa Patt-McDaniel, Director of the Ohio Department of Development further stated that, "Through our targeted investments, Ohio is creating a vibrant fuel cell industry from end-users to integrators, and material suppliers to component suppliers. Ohio Third Frontier assists in developing the leading-edge research, development, and testing facilities that support the growth of Ohio's robust fuel cell network."

The Ohio Third Frontier was initiated in February 2002. This project is the state's largest-ever commitment to expanding Ohio's high-tech research capabilities and promoting innovation and company formation that will create high-paying jobs for generations to come. The 10-year, $1.6 billion initiative is designed to: Build world-class research capacity; Support early stage capital formation and the development of new products; and Finance advanced manufacturing technologies to help existing industries become more productive. Through the Ohio Third Frontier Project, additional federal and private sector support can boost the total investment to more than $6 billion.

Test facilities at Navy-Fuel Cell Test Facility at HNEICreated in 2002, the Ohio Fuel Cell Initiative is a $103 million program that aims to spur job creation in Ohio while positioning the state as a national leader in the growing fuel cell industry. The initiative is an integral part of the Third Frontier Project.

Working with our partners across business, state and local governments, academia, and the non-profit sector, the Ohio Department of Development works to attract, create, grow, and retain businesses through competitive incentives and targeted investments. Engaged every day in marketing, innovating, investing, and collaborating, the Ohio Department of Development works at the speed of business to accelerate and support the teamwork that is absolutely necessary for success by providing financial, informational, and technical assistance to those making an investment in Ohio's future.

Energy Technologies, Inc. (ETI), established in 1991, is a privately held electronics and technology manufacturing company. ETI currently operates from its 32,200 square feet of manufacturing and engineering facilities in Mansfield, Ohio. ETI has become a world leader in providing extremely reliable power backup and generation equipment to the Defense, Homeland Security, Industrial, Medical, and Telecomm market sectors.

ETI provides highly reliable, yet cost effective product solutions for the rugged computer and power conditioning requirements of its customers. ETI's product line includes Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Inverters, Frequency Converters, Generators, computers and Solar Products.

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