2004 Government Convention on Emerging Technologies, Las Vegas, NV

Expanded Rugged PowerÔ UPS Product Line to be featured.

Partnerships for Homeland Security will provide a unique forum for representatives from federal, state, and local governments, along with the private sector to collaborate on and experiment with information technology solutions that address critical mission needs related to the Homeland Security mission including seamless exchange of actionable information among all organizations engaged in the War on Terrorism. The emphasis at this Convention will be on the Department of Homeland Security and the new Presidential Counter Terrorism initiative known as the Terrorist Threat Integration Center. In addition, the Convention will offer a live threat simulation exercise using the very tools that are showcased at the Convention as part of a crisis management test bed.

Energy Technologies, Inc. (ETI), the Standard in rugged power conditioning, will be exhibiting its expanded product line January 7-9, 2004 in Las Vegas, NV at the Riviera Hotel. These rugged multinational UPSs range in power output up to 8 kVA modules which is more than adequate to support the critical electronic computer and communications equipment in most applications. They are designed to accept commercial power or mobile generator power ranging from 85 to 270 VAC. Other units are available with inputs up to 690 VAC. The input frequency can range from 45 to 70 hertz, with up to 440 hertz optional. These voltages and frequencies cover all standard AC voltages worldwide. The UPS converts these inputs to standard 120 VAC, 60 hertz used by most electronic equipment manufactured in the USA. This allows the use of standard military equipment including commercial off the shelf (COTS) to be operated reliably anywhere in the world. Other output voltages with 50 or 60 hertz output frequency are also available. Besides converting the voltage and frequency, the ETI UPS eliminates all the voltage and frequency fluctuations, transients and distortions, providing only clean sinusoidal power to the crucial equipment.

Featured products will include:

The 1000 through 24,000 VA models are already successfully deployed in military and industrial applications worldwide. For example, the ETI0001-N5 is the configuration of choice for most new Navy programs especially submarine applications. Now, the 4000 VA N5 provides all the features of the standard N5, but with twice the power in less than twice the space. As a result, it has already been selected for a new submarine program with increased power requirements. The Air Force has selected ETI's light weight, high isolation, full Mil Spec UPS/frequency converter to power mobile patient carts that can be used aboard aircraft, in ambulances and hospital locations alike. Ground support surveillance systems are now supported by ETI's modular DC UPS systems with hot swappable 6 hour battery backup.

Energy Technologies, Inc. provides highly reliable, yet cost effective product solutions for the rugged computer and power conditioning requirements of military, industrial, medical, and telecommunications sectors. ETI’s products are in use around the world including rugged rackmount Rugged Power™ UPS, power distribution units, frequency converters, and battery systems; PersonalSource™ UPSs; PowerNet™ UPS software; TelecomPower™ telecommunications inverters, converters and rectifiers; and MissionCritical™ computer and drive expansion units. Each of these products are modular and may be modified to suit a particular application or integrated into a total solution.

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