Energy Technologies Exhibits Latest Green Tech at Fuel Cell Seminar 2019

Energy Technologies will be exhibiting our latest green energy innovations at the upcoming Fuel Cell Seminar event on Nov 5–7. This three-day free event is held at the Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, California.

This is most comprehensive fuel cell and hydrogen energy industry conference in the U.S.  The Fuel Cell Seminar & Energy Exposition (FCS&EE) brings together manufacturers, fuel providers, customers, policy makers, supply chain, integrators, academics, investors, media, and more – you and your organization needs to be a part of it.

Eco Energy International (EEI), will be exhibiting its expanded Green Power product lines. Featured products will include:

  • Eco H2® modular, deployable hydrogen reformation technologies to convert waste into usable hydrogen
  • Tactical Fuel Cells® rugged hydrogen powered plant with rapid start and temperature tolerance.
  • Tactical Solar® flexible solar panels, charge controllers, power converters and battery backup.
  • Tactical Shelter Systems® includes all of the above products in a modular, scalable system with fast erect soft walled shelters.

Eco Energy International is a joint venture of Bio Carbon Fuels (BCF) and Energy Technologies, Inc. (ETI), working together to develop and commercialize technologies to produce clean renewable energy from waste.  Our patented, modular, scalable technologies produce pure hydrogen at costs rivaling those of large scale facilities, but without releasing greenhouse gases (CO2, CO) that traditional processes produce. By using renewable feedstocks, this hydrogen is considered green (renewable) hydrogen that is in high demand in a growing market.

For More Information Regarding EEI, Contact:

Eco Energy International
233 Park Avenue East
Mansfield, OH 44902-1845
Tel: 419.522.4444
FAX: 419.522.4466