ETI’s Ultimate Power Source offers total flexibility on input and output configurations!

ETI has continued to develop our modular, scaleable, high density UPS product line: Ultimate Power Source™. This 1U high UPS offers the highest power density available today. Each module provides 2000 Watts (2500 VA) with 10 minutes of backup time.

  • Configurable for 3 Phase with 2000 Watts per Phase in 4″U” of Rack Space.
  • An optional battery module of Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries can be included to provide an additional 20 min. of backup.
  • The addition of a Wide Range Input Module allows for for single or three phase inputs.
  • A built in Intelligent Power Distribution Unit (PDU) allows for individual output monitoring with data on Current, Watts and VA. Intelligent features also include the ability to monitor rack or equipment temperatures and interface to HTML pages.

These systems can be configured for field swappable N+1 applications with the ability to parallel up to 32 units. Several options are available including; AC and/or DC inputs, AC and/or DC outputs, custom output configurations and battery expansions.

More information is available at: