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Tactical Power

Today we will discuss Tactical Power or for those not in the Defense Industry known as rugged field portable power.

Things to considering when choosing a UPS

If you have been provided the VA and need to know how many watts you will need your UPS to handle. you would multiple your VA by the company’s power factor rating. For instance, in the link below is a 1000VA UPS that we at Energy Technologies offers

Types of Uninterruptible Power Systems

In this week’s blog we will continue our series about UPS equipment. In the previous post we discussed applications where you will find a UPS being utilized. Today we will discuss the various types of UPSs available. Generally, you will find five different types of...

Prevent Data Loss with an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Webster’s defines a UPS as: A device used to regulate the power supply to the computer and its peripherals by limiting the effects of cuts, surges or dips in the electric circuit voltage. UPS come in many forms but all share the same job. To maintain power to critical...

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